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8th Avenue Peep Show


8th Avenue Peep Show

Back in the 80s, 90s, and very early 2000, Time Square was a very different place. You could walk into a store and buy a functional samurai sword, Kung Fu movies, porn, and of course, attend one of those 8th Avenue Peep show features.

As I remember, I only went to one of them. I walked into the place, I went into a private booth, a little window was opened which exposed a room where several beautiful women were in lingerie. I was asked to “pick one” by one of the girls. I looked into the small room, saw who I liked. There was a female, beautiful, flowing black hair, slightly tanned, wearing all red lingerie, I picked her. She came over and basically moved around for me to see her. I was super timid, and terribly embarrassed, I’d never done this before, and I was entirely sober.

The lady looked at me, and she could tell I was a virgin of sorts by my energy. She asked me, “Would you like to touch?” I replied no, that I was okay. So she basically continued to move around and sort of sway. I could tell that she was disappointed, and bored since she realized that I wasn’t going to be a big cash draw, but she still went through the motions of humoring this nerdy, pimple faced geek.

After a few minutes, I was asked if I wanted to continue, and I said no. I was so embarrassed and wanted to get out of there. So the little window closed, and I did the walk of shame out of there. It was so long ago, that I can barely remember it, but that was the first and only time I ever went to and 8th Avenue Peep show.


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