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Abolish Death Penalty, Ethan Couch, The Founding Fathers #6


Abolish Death Penalty, Ethan Couch, The Founding Fathers #6

After a brief hiatus, the Angelrtalk show is back! Click here to download! Let’s talk about how we should all be growing as time passes, and with growth comes change! Part of that change, that actually happens while discussing this on the air is my view on the death penalty. I was talking about how my views changed, and then and there, they changed even more!

Once again, I have the displeasure of speaking about that piece of crap affluenza dirtbag, Ethan Couch. The good news is that it appears as though he will spend some time in jail!

This election cycle has been a trip, and on both sides of the political spectrum, men who challenge the establishment have taken the front. Who will win, if any of them at all? We also discuss how I worry for Bernie Sanders and his safety!

Next up I give you guys a little break from the real, and we talk about my haircut disaster which I blogged about here.

Finally, we discuss this ridiculous illusion that what the founding fathers believed was perfect. Those men were far from perfect, as were there words and any documents they wrote. Listen to learn why, and for more you can ready this recent article.

Coming soon I’ll have some interesting guests joining me, including a man who believes that my light skin has afforded me white privilege. I have covered this topic many times, and I look forward to our dialogue.

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