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Tried to steal my headphones at Fordham Road

I was headed home after school and as I got off the bus this small black kid came up to ...
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The stolen pitbull

When we were younger, I lived on 163rd street for sometime. The super had a few dogs, Tyson a rottie, ...
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Rushed by the police for standing outside

My friends and I were playing in front of the building. We were not doing anything wrong, and clearly we ...
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Traffic Cops abusing their tiny little authority

Yesterday a friend's husband was driving home with their 4 year old, when she suddenly got sick, and began to ...
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Border Patrol Agents Boarding Greyhound Buses

Okay folks, here's the nitty gritty of this thing, Border Patrol agents have been exceedingly behaving like assholes lately. Be ...
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Spaying our puppy #peppathepom

When you have a pet, in some cases its best for them to be spayed or neutered. I know of ...
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The hypocrisy of the two political parties

I am not a registered Democrat, nor am I a Republican. I stand as an independent. Why you ask? Because ...
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Separating migrant children from their parents is horrible!

Unlike most people out here, I am not biased against Trump. I don't support him, but if he does something ...
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Sparring hard then getting mad!

There were times when I'd be sparring with someone, be it in MMA, Boxing, or Brazilian Jujitsu, and some days ...
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Male bathroom, Unisex bathroom, No Female bathroom?

A friend of mine posted the above image, she stated that there was a male only restroom, a gender neutral ...
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What I learned from Kaila Yu

These days, I don't know much about what Kaila Yu is doing. Last I saw from her, she was in ...
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What I’ve learned about Zumba choreo design

What the hell does Angel, a one year Zumba instructor know about the key to great Zumba choreo design? Well, ...
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