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She lied about being raped by a cop

Sherita Dixon-Cole is a damn liar. A. Damn. Freaking. Liar. Jail her! Question folks, we are living in troubled times ...
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Addicts have to eat too!

Yesterday there was a discussion about police not arresting folks for smoking weed in public. So I made a comment ...
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Little dogs outside

Many of us have small little puppies or dogs. It is in our best interest to keep these small doggies ...
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Meet #Peppathepom

Those of you who are connected with me on social media know that we have added a new member to ...
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Are you comfortable with your sexuality?

Are you comfortable with your sexuality? I like to think that I am. Sometimes I'll make a comment about a ...
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Longhorn Steakhouse

So I was under the impression that this place would be a crappy chain restaurant like Olive Garden or whatever ...
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Aburiya Kinnosuke

The lady took me here for my birthday. The food was okay, some items were better than others. It's a ...
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Justine Restaurant

I went here with my sister and my momma bear for mother's day. The food was good and the service ...
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Abilities Expo

Attendance at the Abilities Expo, was highly encouraged by my company. They wanted us there at least one of the ...
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Depression and the darkness within

Years ago, I was talking to a friend of mine about how I had to constantly fight the darkness from ...
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Tim Horton’s Cafe & Bake Shop

Again, at the behest of my homeboy while we were out in Jersey, we tried out another spot that you ...
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Deportation Bus Tour

So these racist idiots have become so damn emboldened that they don't even hide their racism anymore. Michael Williams, a ...
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