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Doctor Uber Fired!

Uber assault


Doctor Uber Fired!

In life, there are consequences to our actions. In today’s world, where everything is recorded and uploaded to the interwebz, well, those consequences come fast and hard.

Such was the lesson learned by “Doctor Uber,” Anjali Ramkissoon, who was seen on video assaulting an uber driver, and damaging his property.

Now as a guy who has been young, and has been drunk many a time, I know that we can ALL get a bit stupid when we’ve had a little too much to drink. It can happen to any of us. The problem here is that it was filmed, she’s a doctor, and she was exceptionally disruptive in her behavior.

Should they have fired her? I don’t know how I really feel about that. I read the story of a teacher who was fired because she was dancing “sexy” on vacation, and that firing didn’t sit too well with me. Is this a similar scenario? Or apples and oranges?

Should companies be able to terminate you because of what you say, how you behave, all while out of work? That’s risky business right there. Though I don’t like her behavior, I’m not sure this is the right step, it sets, and reinforces a dangerous precedent.

What do you think?

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