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Longhorn Steakhouse


Longhorn Steakhouse

So I was under the impression that this place would be a crappy chain restaurant like Olive Garden or whatever. However, I will say to y’all that this was not my personal experience.

The service was great and the food was actually really good. Y’all know how these restaurants put up a cheesy dish, with the cheese melting and looking oh so delicious? Then when you get the actual product, it’s a leaky disgusting mess? Well, these guys weren’t like that.

Honestly, I don’t feel like doing long winded detailed reviews like I used to. So going forward I’m just gonna keep it basic. So in summary, I’ll definitely come back here again, and I do recommend trying it at least once. I don’t recall it being cheap, but not terribly overpriced. The food was good, in fact I’d like to try it again sooner than later.

I’ll tell you, I was pleasantly surprised by the meal at this place. They definitely exceeded my expectations. The server was very professional and quite nice. I don’t remember what the hell I ate, and I already downloaded the pictures off of my phone, but yo, the restaurant overall was really good. Trust me. Check it out!


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