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Maison Kayser 38th Street Location


Maison Kayser 38th Street Location

Maison Kayser 38th Street Location

On occasion my wife and I will go try a new restaurant, on one of our “dinner dates.” She had wanted me to dine at Maison Kayser with her. So I left my local digs in Queens and headed down to Midtown. We ate at the one on 1400 Broadway, right on 38th street.

The service here was quite nice. I think they were pretty friendly, attentive, and pleasant. The location is new and clean. The food itself was 50/50 as I’ll explain below.

This salad and quiche was pretty good.

This onion soup was one of our favorites. It was definitely a winner in my book.

The mashed potatoes were good, but I didn’t care for the chicken all that much.

This beef dish was not what I expected. It’s like a stew of sorts, and it tasted like an average stew.

This dessert was really good. Hmmmm. They didn’t have any of the choices that my wife wanted, so we ended up with these. But I love chocolate, so it worked for me.

Overall, this place was not what I expected. The dishes were stew and soup like, and I thought I was going to be eating some steak or whatever. From my vantage point, I didn’t care for it too much. My wife seemed to enjoy it a bit more than I did. But hey, we tried it, right?

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