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Mexican riot at the border?


Mexican riot at the border?

You know they say that one bad apple ruins the bunch. How about a lot of bad apples, or a group of organized bad apples, what do they do for the bunch? Obama, Congress, I’ll say this yet again, SECURE THE BORDER! These are American men and women that are having their lives threatened by a force that outnumbers them, is dangerous and unruly. Why are they being compromised like this? As far as I’m concerned, a riot like this should be taken extremely seriously. The Mexican government should also get involved to stop this, but as you can see, they are not.

Those of you that don’t care, the day it hits the fan, and those border agents are killed, or perhaps the ones on the Mexican side are killed, you better stay just as quiet as you are now. If you don’t care now, don’t open your filthy mouths later about how tragic it was that 100 Mexicans were shot dead in a riot. Don’t shed your fake tears, and talk about how tragic it is that Americans were killed protecting our border. The time to talk, and the time to act is now!

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