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Rock Wilk presents Brooklyn Quartet Part 1 via @rockwilk


Rock Wilk presents Brooklyn Quartet Part 1 via @rockwilk

Rock Wilk presents Brooklyn Quartet Part 1 via @rockwilk

Years ago, at a Bronx Museum of art poetry event I became exposed to the talented story teller, Rock Wilk. When he put out the show “Broke Wide Open,” I was there to support, and even got to interview him behind the scenes! That was a very, very long interview which I should definitely take the time and edit down to a much shorter video and reupload. LOL. But you get two poets, talkers, like me and Rock together, you know there will be verbal fireworks!

In any case, I recently got to watch his new video for the show Brooklyn Quartet. In the words of Wilk, it was dope. I really enjoyed it, and though it’s only Rock talking, he has a way to pull you in and convince you that he is each one of those persons he is portraying. Trust me, give it a shot. At first you might feel a bit confused, but you will soon become immersed in the work and truly believe that there are a bunch of people present.

Rock is hands down one of my favorite story tellers, and I’m sure if you give him a shot, he’ll become one of yours too! It is my honor to share with you, part 1 of the Brooklyn Quartet mini series!


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