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Inspire Me (Original Song)


(2X) How you inspire me You’ve got me so high You bring me to life when I thought I’d surely die I listen as your speaking, paying full attention, mental notes, I make no deviations With these abundance of thoughts, I feel excitement, you know, my stirred emotions My words they come forward enter your…

Image For Rap (Original Song – Video)


Some people have said that I don’t have the right image for hip hop and rap music. Lately, I’ve cut down on performing and recording music, primarily because my priorities have shifted towards fitness. However, I do hit an open mic here and there. But let’s talk about this topic, because I think that doing the…

Dear Momma (Original Song)


We were growing up on welfare you hustled for survival none can touch your love for this there is no rival A smiling mother’s heart as you gave that warm embrace surviving through the struggles none could ever take your place the one who steered my youth with a love that was so true Poverty, madness, the suffering…