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Official Music Video – Dear Momma (Original Song)


Years ago I wrote a poem entitled “Dear Momma.” This was written to honor my mother while she was here with us, while she could hear and experience first hand the gratitude that I feel for all that she did for us growing up. I have performed this live for her as poetry, and as…

Holding On (Original Song – Video)


This is my first attempt at a music video, I hope that you enjoy this. When you lose love, you believe that you will never forget them. You cry, you suffer, you ache for them. Those early days after the loss, you think that you will never love again. Yet, time does what it always…

Official Music Video – Drowning (Original Song)


People always complain that real music is a thing of the past. Many folks often say that rap and hip hop music are garbage. Well, we come to challenge that notion today. Perhaps a lot of the hip hop that you will hear nowadays IS garbage, but there are real poets out here that are trying…