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Transexual MMA fighter Fallon Fox wants to fight WOMEN in the UFC?


Transexual MMA fighter Fallon Fox wants to fight WOMEN in the UFC?

So Fallon Fox had a sex operation, basically this was a dude that felt he was a woman so he had his penis and balls removed and voila, now he’s a woman. That’s modern science for you batches! That’s cool with me, I have no problem with that at all. Hey, it’s your choice if you want to transition, I’m not here to judge that choice.

Here is what I do have a problem with though, Fox decided that she wanted to fight MMA as a woman. Hmm, that doesn’t sound right to me. Thing is that even after having the penis removed she is still in the frame of what was once a man. He is now a she, but really, she is still in the frame of a he without a penis and balls, taking feminine hormones. At the end of the day though, whether or not Fallon had this surgery, her body and physiological nature will always remain that of a man. You can argue this point 1001 ways, but I’m right on this one. You can make cosmetic changes, you can take hormones, but your insides, your organs, your physiology, etc, you cannot change that.

Fallon will always be stronger than your average woman because she was once a man, and for the most part, men are stronger than women. Apologies to all my “Politically correct” friends who will say “women are just as strong as men”, but you cannot deny that this is a fact: Men are just stronger! So this once man transitioned into a woman and is going around beating the crap out of all her opponents! BRUTAL KNOCKOUTS! I WONDER WHY?

I’m not questioning her work ethic, I’m not even saying that she has ill intent. I saw her video, it was quite touching and Fallon looks like she really puts in the work in training. But if you are taking hormones to make you feminine, then busting your ass to make you stronger and tougher, don’t you think that residing in the frame of what was once a man will give her a major advantage over those who were born natural women?

Fallon wants to fight in the UFC and they are saying no. Props to Joe Rogan for stepping up and saying the right thing here! Why? Because Fox was once a guy!

Fallon Fox is beating female opponents because they are weaker, physically. They were born women and she was born a male. Look, I’m not trying to be a jerk or offensive here, but let’s be real, this is just unfair.

In any case, any organizations out there that are supporting this should be ashamed of themselves. It is highly unfair and unethical sportsmanship. I’m sorry, but Fallon should either fight other transgender women, or not at all. Having this physical advantage is extremely unfair, and I find it morally wrong to allow a transitioned woman to fight natural born women.

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