Two pompous jerks at dinner

My wife took me out for a yummy dinner and we had a mostly great evening. However, we had the not so distinct pleasure of sitting next to two pompous assholes during our meal. Our other neighbors were cool, or at least one of them was. The place was pretty tight and I’ll cover that more in my restaurant review.

Our neighbor to the left heard that we were talking about the Avengers movie, and she quickly interjected and pleaded that we not drop any spoilers as she was going to see it after dinner. I assured her that I had no intention of dropping spoilers outside around people as I was aware not everyone saw it yet. She was so cool though, I really wanted to make a connection with her. Wifey agreed too, the girl had a great vibe. Her partner on the other hand, she was cold and not very friendly. I don’t think that she enjoyed that we were receiving some attention. Anyway that was funny.

Our neighbors to the right, now those two were just straight up assholes. The entire time over dinner they were talking about how much money so and so made, what kind of car so and so drove, what he earns compares to what she earns. And on and on those two pompous fucks went about money.

At one point, they were saying, “You know, some people get into jobs and they don’t deserve to¬† be there. Those minority lottos and stuff.” At this point I glanced over at them, I looked at the guy and the girl, and they moved on to another topic. I believe they continued to talk about how much money the supervisor made while being an incompetent idiot.

Their entire conversation was materialistic, and the guy says, “Well, so and so only make $300,000 a year, so he really can’t afford to buy so and so. I’m not sure why he’s spending so much money on this woman. I guess her family is super rich, not like him who’s just got a few million. They probably see him as middle class or less.”

I swear y’all, I wanted to get up, grab my chair and start to beat this fucking guy with it. I wanted to use my chopsticks as a shank and stab this dude right on his damn face. I mean, what a piece of work this son of a bitch was. I felt like starting to talk to the woman, to basically disrespect him and humble him down a bit. However, I was with my wife, and I didn’t think that was too appropriate. Though my wife also agreed that these two people were major jerks.

Dinner was nice, but if I never have to sit next to someone like those two pompous pricks again in my life, it will be too soon!