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Westboro Protesting Kim Davis


Westboro Protesting Kim Davis

Let’s be clear ladies and gentlemen, I despise Westboro Baptist Church. I think those individuals are deplorable, sick people. That being said, I find it hilariously ironic, and downright hysterical that they are protesting Kim Davis.

Kim Davis claims that she is a Christian, and she has been in the news for refusing to issue marriage licenses to homosexuals. In her eyes, being gay is a sin, and she cannot be a party to it. That’s what makes her hypocrisy damn near comical. You see, divorce, adultery, and many other forms of behavior are considered sins by the bible too! This is where the nut jobs from Westboro come in, they are protesting her┬ábecause she has been married multiple times.

Hahaha. That is absolutely hilarious to me. Hate mongers being protested by more extreme hate mongers. Only in America my friends, only in America.

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