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Urbanspoon Review – Dig Inn Seasonal Market


Urbanspoon Review – Dig Inn Seasonal Market


Dig Inn Seasonal Market (Pine/Pearl) on UrbanspoonIt’s the Pump, with a new name. In the style of Prince, “The restaurant formerly known as Pump”.

I’m not rewriting this as everything, except the name, and some of the decor is exactly the same. I do admit though that since bastardizing the Pump brand the place is alot busier. Yesterday I had to get on a line that looped to the back of the place. So business is booming. All the same, it’s the Pump. Or the”new Pump” because the new Pump in fact bastardized the original Pump, and this one bastardizes that one. Is that even a word?

In summary, I go here for lunch whenever I don’t have lunch. At $15 a plate, for some rice, 5 beef balls, and 3 servings of veggies, with a juice the place isn’t cheap, but my body likes it, so I keep coming back.

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