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Business Review – Via Emilia


Business Review – Via Emilia

I attended “Via Emilia” for my nephew’s 1st birthday party.

I arrived right on time, I settled in, I greeted everyone and then proceeded to examine the menu. First we received an order of Bruschetta (spelled right?) appetizers. We had not yet received plates for the table, and as I was starving I just ate them “freestyle” in the air, of course some of the tomato and sauce ended up on my shirt. THEN come the plates, I was a bit annoyed about this break in the sequence of events.

After sitting there for some time some bread arrived for the table, again as I was starving I started tearing into the bread. Then after another wait they brought oil to the table. This however I believe was because we asked for it after the fact. I’m not sure. In either case we waited a tad long for the items and the sequence appeared off.

We also had grilled calamari and fried calamari as appetizers. The fried ones were like rocks, super crunchy, and I was barely able to pierce them with my fork. They didn’t taste bad, but they were hard as heck. The grilled calamari on the other hand had a nice chargrilled burnt taste to them, it was definitely better than the fried calamari.

As a main course I had lasagna, I figure you cannot go terribly wrong with lasagna. It had a different feel to it than other lasagna I have had, however it was good. I think they used some sort of green based pasta, it wasn’t heavy on cheese, and the meat was ok. I’ve had better lasagna, but I have to say that it was pretty good.

The staff here was cordial and helpful, and overall the experience was good.

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