Original Music

Drowning is about overcoming life’s struggles and our quests for survival. Though the world may appear to be against you, if you try, you can persevere. This was filmed in my hometown of the Bronx, NYC. I’m rocking the “Cultivo” shirt by my homeboys at La Verdad Gear! “Cultivo una rosa blanca.”

This song is written by Angel Rodriguez and features the amazing hip hop artist Charlie Scott. You will also hear from motivational speaker Earl Nightingale. The song was recorded at King Sage Music Studios and the video was filmed with Red Sydney Productions. The music track was purchased from the amazing folks at Sinima beats.

Singer Nellivee makes an appearance in this as our Angel and Demon. She’s lovely in her roles. While shooting the last part of the music video Nellyvee and me got a bad case of the giggles. Charlie Scott and Jaison Blackrose were all serious and we were giggling like little girls. If you watch towards the end, you’ll see when I take my sister’s hand, she starts to smile. We look all cool in the video, but in reality, there is a little girl giggling in there.

I try and rise look how they pushing me down
I try to run away they quickly surround
Nowhere to go they got me trapped and it seems
My days may end this I can hardly believe
The tables turn and for a moment I breathe
I feel the light I find the comfort I seek
A plate of armor thick it layers my skin
and iron knuckles start to form on my fist
I swing them wild and I don’t care who I hit
They all came after me the price they must pay
I take no prisoners I won’t follow the rules
To fight a demon I become demon too
I grab him by the throat slap the devil and laugh
look to heaven still I can’t understand
I close my eyes pray forgive all my sins
God take my hands the only way I can win

(Chorus 8x)
I cannot breath as I sink the breath draws out of me
(Save me I’m drowning, I cannot breath)

(Verse Written and Performed by Charlie Scott)
Uh, I swear that y’all don’t get it
I’m trying to find an exit
I.Q score higher than my credit
sick but I don’t phone a medic cause I still got a death wish
trying to take off but I’m pulling dead weight
sometimes I think so hard I swear I catch a headache
these rappers act hard, I’m telling you they just fake
I try to keep my men straight, they menstruate
and 10 days ago I was on top of the world
and now I’m crying on the phone reaching out to my girl
you can talk, your opinions ain’t shit to me
cause the boy is about to make history
already got these old girls telling me they miss me
woke up with epiphanies that me and them were meant to be
crawling back like centipedes I use it as my energy
now evidently all my enemies are friends with me

I cannot breath as I sink the breath draws out of me (8X)

(Chorus 8x)
I cannot breath as I sink the breath draws out of me
(Save me I’m drowning, I cannot breath)